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sepuraRadio House
St Andrew’s Road
Tel: +44 (0)1223 876000
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Sepura’s Overview

Who they are

Sepura has a staff over 350 sharing more than 600 man-years of TETRA expertise at their headquarters in
Cambridge, UK, with a team of Account Managers spread across the world. More than 75 sales partners work with
Sepura, including local distributors, global systems integrators and TETRA network suppliers. They drive the
development of the TETRA standard. They are a prominent member of international bodies, such as the TETRA
MoU Association Board and ETSI TETRA committees. Sepura is profitable and financially strong.

What makes their radios different

Sepura radios lead the industry. They are light and robust, with innovative features designed to make life safer and easier for users. They offer the largest range of TETRA radios, supporting every TETRA frequency band, operate on every manufacturer's infrastructure, and are certified for use on all the major public safety networks, including O2 Airwave, THALES, ASTRID, OTELink, VIRVE, RESCAT and C2000.

Key features of their radios include:

End-to-End encryption for the highest security
The most accurate and award-winning GPS functionality, to locate users quickly even in built-up environments
The most powerful vehicle radios (10 Watt) to extend working range
Common user interface across all products to aid ease-of-use and minimise training
Fast configuration and multi-radio programming to speed up rollout and minimise support costs
Three-year warranty, which can be extended up to five years

Who they help

Sepura radios are solving the communications challenges of the most demanding organisations in the world. Used by the majority of police forces in the UK, Sepura radios are proven in more hours of operational usage than the radios of all other suppliers combined.

In addition to the many police forces across Europe, they supply military customers ranging from the US Department of Defense to the armies of Greece, Norway, South Korea and the UK, as fire brigades, ambulance services, airports and public transport organisations. Commercial users include Air France, Russian Railways, Petroleum Development Oman, Saudi Electricity Company, China Light, Samsung Shipyard in South Korea and Gdynia Container Terminal in Poland.

Sepura has been awarded the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates for its Management Systems, and operates in accordance with the principles defined in these International standards. In addition to formal accreditation its values and approach can be summarised by the following statements. Sepura plc is committed to operating and developing in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Safety, Information security, Quality, Business Risk and Environmental impact will all be managed in line with the guidance of relevant ISO or BS standards. Sepura plc has documented management systems which shall be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are fully aligned with operational goals and objectives. Sepura plc is committed to complying with all applicable Environmental, Safety, Quality and Information Security legislation. Sepura plc will continuously monitor and strive to improve its process performance and controls in relation to all aspects of its business activities. Sepura plc recognises the importance of on-going involvement of management and of all employees and enctheirages awareness and commitment to the key policies and values of its management system through a programme of training and communication. Sepura plc its committed to using its sphere of influence to engender application of its policies and values by suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

They do one thing, and do it well. Sepura is focused 100% on TETRA, investing heavily in research and development to ensure their products meet and exceed their customers' demands. Their market-leading products and technical expertise are matched by their unrivalled customer service.

They have spent many years working with emergency services organisations, ensuring that they deliver the products that they need. By building close relationships they ensure their solutions evolve to keep pace with their customers and their needs. The results are clear. Sepura is now the second largest TETRA radio supplier worldwide, with large market shares in the UK, Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Their market growth is matched by continuing company expansion. Nobody understands the TETRA radio market better than Sepura.

What makes Sepura different

Sepura is one of three leading suppliers to the TETRA radio market. they offer the widest range of standard and specialist TETRA products available. Of all TETRA suppliers, Sepura's products are unique, operating widely on all TETRA infrastructures. Sepura supplies over 800 end-user organisations in over 90 countries, and is market leader in more than 36 of them. Srpura’s customer base includes police, fire, ambulance, military, utilities and transport organisations, their radios help them to perform their vital communication functions effectively and safely. Sepura are committed to driving the development and beneficial usage of TETRA products and delivering first-class customer service at all times.


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